January 12, 2018


Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 9.52.43 AMAuthor: Jerzy Zięba
First English Translation

ISBN: 978-83-940783-5-5
Published by : Egida Consulting Sp. z o.o. sp. j.
Number of pages: 342
Size : 148 x 215 mm

Reviews. 11

From the author. 17

Acknowledgments. 21

Introduction. 25

What medicine is, and what it should be. 30
Treating the symptoms—but what about the cause?. 49
Is the pharmaceutical industry the culprit?. 56
Will PubMed (Medline) tell you the truth?. 63
The immune system. 66
Vitamin C. 71

How much vitamin C do we need?.73
Two mechanisms for maintaining vitamin C levels in the body. 74
How long does vitamin C survive in the body?. 74
Vitamin C bowel tolerance. 80
Vitamin C removes heavy metals. 82
The myth of vitamin C toxicity. 83
Vitamin C and kidney stones. 87
Other side effects. 89
The pharmacokinetics of vitamin C (for interested readers only). 95
Intravenous vitamin C. 98
Vitamin C and cancer. 114
Vitamin C and chemotherapy. 123
The naysayers. 134
Summary. 137
Vitamin D: Facts and myths. 141

Vitamin D in the prevention of chronic diseases and cancer. 145
The myth of vitamin D toxicity.150
Types of vitamin D.156
How safe is vitamin D from the sun?. 158
Summary. 168
Osteoporosis and the unknown side of vitamin K2. 171

Types of vitamin K2: MK-4 and MK-7 207
Vitamin K2: The MK-4 form. 208
Vitamin K2: The MK-7 form. 209
Summary. 229
Vitamin A: What we don’t know about it. 231

Summary. 245
The unknown vitamin E. 247

Vitamin E: Cholesterol and cancer. 101
Summary. 264
Minerals: Their significance for human health. 267

Iodine and thyroid disease: A disgrace of modern medicine. 271

Iodine: Safe and unsafe forms. 273
Iodine and the treatment of “incurable” thyroid disease. 278
The “Wolff–Chaikoff Effect” and its hold over modern medicine. 291
Thyroid therapy: The great step backwards of modern medicine. 296
The influence of iodine on the endocrine system … and more. 302
The simple but little-known side of fat. 311

The myths of essential unsaturated fatty acids debunked. 317
Primary and derivative essential unsaturated fatty acids. 319
The unknown role of primary omega-3 and omega-6 fats: Which is better?. 330
Summary. 331
Conclusion. 333

What next. 339