January 12, 2018



Jerzy Zieba has worked for over 20 years on natural therapies, especially on natural means of preventing and curing cancer and other chronic illnesses.

Hidden Therapies is based on many years of careful investigation into the medical research literature, much of which is barely known even among doctors.

Jerzy Zieba writes for the press and gives lectures on simple yet effective methods of preventing and curing diseases without the use of synthetic drugs. He is certified as a clinical hypnotherapist in Australia and the US.


In the second part of Hidden Therapies, Jerzy Zieba takes the reader into a parallel universe in which the rules of physics have slightly changed. We find ourselves in different surroundings, where everything we are used to looks a little different.

Here we have a completely different point of view on what sickness and treatment really are. [...] Equally important is the hope that he gives to sick people, who very often find themselves totally alone with their illness.

What's also important is that he stirs the reader's sense of duty. He repeatedly states that we, the citizens, are the real employers of public officials, and so we have the right to require them to work for our good.

Jerzy Zieba's book is worth recommending to everyone, but especially to those who constantly ask themselves questions and never stop being astonished.


The two volumes of Hidden Therapies remain bestsellers to this day, selling millions of copies. The knowledge they contained has helped tens of thousands of people regain their health and, in many cases, save their lives.

The third volume of Hidden Therapies continues this work, describing many types of therapies and their practical application. The methods of treating chronic diseases contained here are already being used by many doctors with great results. In many cases, the therapeutic effects of these therapies contradict claims that some diseases are "incurable". After using these therapies, many doctors have stated that *these incurable diseases may actually be curable.