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VISANTO US is a main representative of the editor Egida Halina Kostka and primary organizer off all travels and meetings for author Jerzy Zieba in United States and Canada. Details of all future seminars and events are posted at our website under bookmark Events.

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The first part reads like a terrible whodunit. The difference is that, in a typical crime novel, the villain kills only a handful of people. The author shows that hundreds of thousands of people lose their lives for nothing more valuable than profit. In fact, he presents those facts rather too mildly. First, do no harm! The supreme ethical duty of a doctor is to the welfare of his or her patient. This book, which is not written by a physician, is addressed to everyone. The second part of the book primarily addresses doctors. What will a patient do if he or she cannot gain access to the medical resources that doctors control? She can only seek a doctor who agrees to make use of these resources. This is not a handbook for doctors; however, it simply aims to advise them what can be done and what has already been learned. All of these methods are familiar to me and have been used by me in my practice for many years, often obtaining spectacular results. The satisfaction is especially great when it is possible to help in cases in which the medical establishment has abandoned its responsibility. I thank the author for the interesting and extremely valuable book. I am sure it will serve as a valuable source of crucial information for both patients and doctors.
[…]Today’s health-care sector needs passive patients. The unreflective patient is, like a sheep, herded in the direction imposed by the pharmaceutical and medical propaganda (for whom “prevention” means the early detection of disease, rather than the effort to actually prevent disease from arising in the first place by insisting on correct patterns of health in our lifestyles). Unfortunately, prevention is not taught in any medical school. The sick person who directs his or her steps towards the drugstore is not on the road to health, but simply to drugs. First of all, such a person typically eats food that is devoid of nutritional value; next, synthetic pharmaceuticals start to feature 14 on his or her shopping list. This is the road to nowhere. So-called experts issue the opinions expected of them by those who pay them. Paradoxically,these nutritional recommendations for dieting and drug therapy are the most common cause of disease. This is why this book by Jerzy Zięba is a step towards liberating patients from medical ignorance. It also asks you to take responsibility for your own health. The pages you are about to start reading contain the tools you need for independence, especially from the so-called chronic diseases, which are often referred to as “incurable.” This is fascinating reading, not only because of its content, but also on account of the way in which it is written. The guarantor of its quality is the author himself—this is easy for me to say, since I have the good fortune to know him, but I am sure that, after reading this book, you will want to listen to his lectures, as I still do. I think that the author’s aims will be achieved when you begin to put into practice the information in this book. After a few months or weeks (or perhaps days), you will see the effects and will be able to say “it works!” At the end of the book, the author wonders whether it makes sense to continue writing on this topic (this book contains, in fact, only part of his accumulated knowledge). I think the answer to this question is clear: It would be a great pity for the author to keep such information to himself. I do hope that, having read this book, you will come to similar conclusions, and that this will motivate him to carry on with his writing.